What our customers say about Helpa


Technicians process their own work to the reporting stage, which has increased their interest in work and produced much higher productivity figures for the laboratory. The availability of test summaries for larger projects is greatly appreciated by our clients, who no longer have to wade through mountains of report sheets to find the results they are looking for.

Beatrice Booth
Cairns Engineering Testing Services Pty Ltd
Cairns, QLD, Australia


We have used the Helpa program since 1996 and have found it a life saver. Not only has it enabled us to do away with handwritten registers, but the saving of reports and files electronically has saved us many dollars in storage and handling costs. Staff do not need to search manually for hardcopies of files and reports as everything is retrievable from the Helpa database. The online support is second to none. Boab Systems give us prompt and courteous service for all our enquiries and easy to understand training by knowledgeable experts.

Don Byers
Owner Manager
Soil Engineering Services Pty Ltd
Townsville, QLD, Australia


We installed Helpa in February 2005. We started slowly to familiarise ourselves with the new system, and it was comforting to know that when we were really stuck, the Help Desk was only a click away with live support and remote access. All our reports are now issued through Helpa. The system is straightforward and the online support excellent. We couldn't be happier with how the system has improved our business.

Karen & Lex Hewitt
Wide Bay Geotechnical Services Pty Ltd
Pialba, QLD, Australia


We use the Helpa Program everyday in our laboratory. We particularly like the user friendly functions, and the Sample and Project Registers are excellent. If we encounter any problems, we can contact the Helpdesk, and issues are solved in less than a day. I would definitely say the Helpa Program has improved our business.

Kent Claffey
Laboratory Manager
Mareeba Shire Council
Mareeba, QLD, Australia


The Helpa program has greatly improved our business. As a busy testing facility, we needed a fast and reliable program. Helpa was the answer. The program is installed on our network, allowing any number of users access to it at any time from any computer. The sample and project registers are easy to use and save us time and money, with information attachment and retrieval being just a few mouse clicks. Data storage is automatic, and finding test data is very simple and hassle free. We have found the Helpa Program to be extremely reliable.

Eddy Mead
Laboratory Manager
Morrison Geotechnic
Caboolture, QLD, Australia


For the brief time that we have had the Boab System Helpa program, we have found that the program is very solid and easily adaptable to the needs that we require. Once the system has been fully modified and implemented into our specifications, with the help of a very passionate and friendly support team, I have no doubt that using this program will save time accessing, inputting and reporting information for our clients as well as improving our departments productivity.

Aaron Stevenson
Senior Technician
Golder Associates
Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Operating a busy laboratory in metropolitan Brisbane creates long periods of heavy workloads. During these times it is important that the Laboratory Information Management System is capable of handling the pressure. We have found that Helpa does this admirably. Since the purchase of Helpa our business has become standardized and streamlined also creating savings by increased productivity and quality of data. The program has greatly improved our laboratory in respect to organization, data input, storage and retrieval. We are extremely happy with our investment and would recommend Helpa to anyone wanting to improve their business.

Chris Pearce
Bowler Geotechnical
North Brisbane, QLD, Australia


As an experienced technician, I rate the Helpa Program very highly. It is easy to use and a great time saver. The initial training and installation was enjoyable and comprehensive. Any further enquiries are answered promptly and accurately. My laboratory uses the program daily and the electronic storing of information has greatly reduced my turnaround times with record storage and retrieval being hassle free.

Clive Worsell
Laboratory Manager
Whitsunday Shire Council
Proserpine, QLD, Australia