System Requirements

Helpa requires a standard system set-up that is capable of running Microsoft Windows® 2000, Microsoflt Windows® XP or Windows® Vista efficiently.
Helpa™ Operates as a Stand Alone, LAN, WAN, Terminal Services or Citrix
Helpa uses Microsoft Excel 2003 and onward for its document generating interface.

Hardware General                                               

  • IBM compatible PC that supports Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
  • Pentium 300/256Mb RAM minimum system required to run Helpa Version 5.0
  • Preferred RAM 512Mb and/or more powerful
  • CPU (Pentium IV or Equivalent recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive is required for installation
  • Mouse or other pointing device will greatly improve productivity

Hardware - Video

  • Optimal video performance is achieved with a Super VGA Colour Monitor
  • SVGA Windows video accelerator with at least 8Mb RAM and set to 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Small Fonts and 16 bit colours. This setting ensures a height standard of screen display for graphs and high detail screens generated by Helpa


Hardware Printers

  • Graphical output from Helpa is best presented on laser or inkjet printer, but any Windows® compatible printers are suitable
  • Since printing is controlled by the Windows® Print Manager, practically any printer, or for that matter fax/modem, provides suitable output from Helpa

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