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Helpa is a complete management system for geotechnical and construction materials testing laboratories.

To succeed in today's competitive environment; it's generally not enough to streamline operations to produce efficiencies, business processes become crucial to maximizing profit.
Helpa is the optimal productivity tool for Geotechnical Laboratories. Helpa will revolutionise the manner in which your laboratories operate. The Software is guaranteed to dramatically increase productivity and significantly reduce wages bills associated with running your laboratory. The Helpa system eliminates technician errors in calculating and reporting test results. 

Knowledge, Experience, and Technology for Optimizing Business

BOAB Systems has leveraged our extensive experience (30 years) from working in the Geotechnical Materials Testing industry to deliver a comprehensive range of tools to empower every aspect of laboratory operations. By using Helpa™, organizations of all sizes can reduce costs, improve performance, and gain the ability to respond to changing business needs.

Unique Features of the Helpa™ System

Due to our unique market position of having over thirty years experience in operating Material Testing Laboratories BOAB Systems are able to provide a comprehensive range of enterprise software applications to empower every aspect of your laboratories operation.

Some unique Helpa™ benefits include:
  • Certainty of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your software investment
  • Test Methods for Soil, Concrete & Aggregate fully implemented, tested and operational
  • Customizable Reports and Worksheets, no ongoing fees paid out to the software provider.
  • Young Dynamic Company offering personalised service with the highest level of customer service and support.
  • Help desk professionals who fully understand laboratory Test Methods, giving unique insight into problems you may encounter
  • Tried and proven in the Geotechnical Materials Testing. Operational in over 75 “Geotechnical Materials Laboratories” across Australia
  • Regular (3 monthly) upgrades, downloaded automatically to your server via the internet
Other features include:

Equipment Register Module
This register stores brand names, serial numbers, manufacturer details etc of all your laboratories equipment. Produces a report of equipment requiring calibration, a full inventory of equipment, and will automatically remind you when equipment requires calibration checks.
Equipment Check Module
Includes Balance Checks (single point and repeatability) Nuclear Meter Checks (standard block) Moisture contents – correlates various moisture test methods.
Document Register Module
Stores all your documents electronically, will automatically upgrade the document version number and date when changes are made to a document. All your reports, worksheet pro formas, even the Laboratory Quality Manual can be stored here.
Invoicing Module
This is a fully integrated system which keeps track of all testing & chargeable non-test related items for each project, and produces a tax invoice.

Helpa™ Partnering

At BOAB Systems, we understand how important it is to deliver and support integrated end-to-end solutions that provide unparalleled value to our customers. We also recognize the vital role our customers play in the ongoing development of the Helpa™ software. Dozens of highly qualified laboratory professionals have helped us deliver unparalleled value and innovative ideas through their suggestions and ideas over the past 14 years. We are passionate about the success of our customers and dedicated to maximizing the business value of our world-class technology. We will continue to achieve this aim by listening to our customers and implementing the many great ideas Helpa™ users suggest to us.