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Soil Testing Modules

 DATA MANAGEMENT MODULE. THE BASE MODULE which includes the Client; Project; Sample & Document Registers.
 Water Content Tests. D2216
 Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit & Plasticity Index. D4318
 Detemination of pH of a soil. D4318
 Density and Unit Weight of Soil in Place by the Sand-Cone & Nuclear Methods (Shallow Depth). D2922, D1556
 Laboratory Compaction Characteristics of Soil Standard & Modified Method. D698, D1557
 Maximum Index Density and Unit Weight of Soils Using a Vibratory Table. D4253-00
 Minimum Index Density & Unit Weight of Soils & Calculation of Relative Density. D4254-00
 CBR (California Bearing Ratio) of Laboratory-Compacted Soils. D1883
 Use of the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer in Shallow Pavement Applications. D6951
 Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cohesive Soil. D2166
 Determining Cement Content of Fresh Soil Cement (Heat of Neutralization Method). D5982
 Amount of Material in Soil Finer than the No.200 (75-um) Sieve. D1140
 Material finer than 2um in Aggregates by washing
 Flat Particles, Elongated Particles or Flat & Elongated Particles in Coarse Aggregate. D4791
 Aggregate Durability Index. D3744
 Sand Equivalent Value of Soils & Fine Aggregate. D2419
 Determining the Percentage of the Fractured Particles in Coarse Aggregate. D2419
 Determination of pH of a Soil. D4972
 Determining Dispersive Characteristics of Clayey Soils by the Crumb Test. D6572
 Bulk Density ('Unit Weight') & Voids in Aggregate. C29/C29M
 Bulk Density ('Unit Weight') & Voids in Aggregate. C29/C29M
 Organic Impurities in Fine Aggregates for Concrete. C40
 Soundness of Aggregates by Use of Sodium Sulfate or Magnesium Sulfate. C88-99a
 Resistance to Degradation of Small & Large Aggregate - Los Angeles Machine. C131 & C535
 Density, Relative Density (Specific Gravity), and Absorption of Fine & Coarse Aggregate. C148 & C127
 Clay Lumps & Friable Particles in Aggregates. C142
 Particle Size Distribution (Gradation) of Soils using Sieve Analysis. C136
 Amount of Materials in Soils Finer than the No.200 (75um) Sieve. C117-95
 TBore Logging Module. TPresents Bore and Test Pit logs as a professional report. Imports & presents Test results including DCP results

Concrete Testing Modules

 DATA MANAGEMENT MODULE (Concrete). THE BASE MODULE which includes, the Project; Sample & Document Registers.
 Slump of Hydraulic Cement Concrete. C143/C143M
 Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens (includes slump). C39/C39M
 Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete by the Volumetric Method. C173/C173M & C231
 Density (Unit Weight), Yield, and Air Content (Gravimetric) of Concrete. C138/C138M
 Flexural Strength of Concrete (Using Simple Beam With Center-Point Loading). C293

Testing Extras Modules

 Summaries Module. Places test results into an easy to read summary with statistical analysis of results and graphical presentation
 Bore Logging Module. Presents Bore and Test Pit logs as a professional report. Imports & presents Test results including DCP results
 Particle Size Analysis - Mix Design Tool. Predicts outcome of mixing Grading Samples. Provides Report showing numerical values & graph of mix design. Shows chosen grading envelope.
 Equipment Register Module. Keeps track of all equipment in the laboratory, and will automatically remind you when equipment is due for calibration
 Equipment Calibration Module. Includes Balance calibrations (single point & repeatability) Nuclear Meter Calibrations (standard block) Correlates Oven Moisture Content against other methods
 Invoice Module. An integrated system which keeps track of all tests to be invoiced for any project. Produces a Tax Invoice
 Lot Reporting. Reports Field Densities as Lot Reports: includes Characteristic Value, Degree of Saturation etc
 Custom Particle Size Analysis. Allows customisation to suit any sieve size
 Random Number Generator. Generates random numbers for Lot Testing based on the the number of tests required and the dimentions of the Lot. Produces a report plan with randomally selected test locations shown
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