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Soil Testing Modules

 DATA MANAGEMENT MODULE: The base module which includes the Project; Sample & Document Registers. Also includes a Request for Testing generator complete with Test method selection, links to borelogging or other external data sources, incorporates testing cost calculator
 Soil Moisture Content Tests. AS 1289 2.1.1 to 2.1.5; Q102A; T120; T121; T122
 Atterberg Limits & Linear Shrinkage - Casagrande Method. AS 1289 3.1.1; 3.1.2; 3.2.1; 3.3.1; 3.4.1
 Atterberg Limits & Linear Shrinkage - Penetrometer Method. AS 1289 3.9; Q104A; Q104D; Q105; Q106; T108; T109; T113
 Items 3 and 4 combined
 Particle Size Distribution of a Soil. AS 1289 3.6.1; Q103A; T106; T107. (Includes Specification Editor and Sieve Set Editor)
 Determination of the pH of a Soil. AS 4.3.1; Q121
 Dry Density/Moisture Content Relationship (MDR) Standard & Modified Methods. AS 1289 5.1.1; 5.2.1; Q110A; Q110B; T111A&B; T112A&B
 Field Density Ratio of a Soil (Includes Sand Replacement & Nuclear Gauge methods). AS 1289 5.3.1; 5.4.1; 5.8.1; Q111A; Q111C; Q112; T119; T173; T166A
 Degree of saturation. Q111D
 Assignment of Maximum Dry density & optimum Moisture Content Values. AS 1289 5.4.2; Q110F
 Minimum and Maximum Dry Density of a Cohesionless Material. AS 1289 5.5.1; Q132A; T164
 Density Index for a Cohesionless Material. AS 1289 5.6.1; Q132B; T166B; T164
 Hilf Density Ratio & Hilf Moisture Variation (rapid method). AS 1289 5.7.1; T166B; T162
 California Bearing Ratio - remoulded specimen. AS 1289 6.1.1; Q113C; T117A
 California Bearing Ratio - Multi Point Method, remoulded specimen. Q113A
 California Bearing Ratio - Estimate. Victoria Country Roads Board Method
 California Bearing Ratio - Dynamic Cone (DCP) Method. Q114B
 Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Test - 9kg. AS 1289 6.3.2; Q114B; T161
 Unconfined Compressive Strength. AS 1141.51; Q115
 Shrink Swell Index. AS 1289 7.1.1
 Cement Content & Calibration Graph. Q134
 Apparent Particle Density. Q109; Q109A & Q109B
 Unit Mass. AS 1141 Sect. 4; Q221A; Q221B; T211
 Bulk Density & Water Absorption. AS 1141 Sect. 5; AS 1141 Sect.6: Q214A; Q214B; T209; T210
 Particle Size Distribution. AS 1141.11; AS 1141.12; Q103B; T201
 Material Finer than 75um in Aggregates by washing. AS 1141 Sect. 12; T203
 Material Finer than 2um in Aggregates by washing. AS 1141 Sect. 13; T270
 Particle Shape by Proportional Calliper. AS 1141 Sect. 14; Q213; T213
 Flakiness Index. AS 1141.15; Q201A; Q201B
 Average least Dimension of Aggregate. AS 1141.20; Q202; T235
 Aggregate Crushing Value. AS 1141 Sect. 21: Q204A; T205
 Wet/Dry Strength Variation. AS 1141.22; Q205A; Q205B; Q205C; T215
 Los Angeles Value. AS 1141.23; Q206
 Sodium Sulphate Soundness. AS 1141 Sect. 24; Q209
 Degradation Factor - Source Rock. AS 1141.25; Q208A; Q208B
 Friable Particles, Weak Particles. AS 1141 Sect. 32; Q217; T202
 Clay & Fine Silt (Settling Method). AS 1141 Sect. 33
 Organic Impurities Other than Sugar. AS 1141 Sect. 34
 Crushed Particles. Q215
 Degree of Aggregate Precoating. Q216
 Fractured Faces. T239
 Emerson Class Number. AS 1289 3.8.1
 Hydrometer. AS 1289 3.6.2 & 3.6.3
 Resistance to Stripping. AS1141.50

Asphalt Testing Modules

 Binder Content & Aggregate Grading of Asphalt. AS 2891.3.1, Q308A
 Maximum Density of Asphalt. AS 2891.7.1; 7.2; 7.3; Q307A; Q307B
 Compacted Density and Relative Compaction of Dense Graded Asphalt. AS 2891.9.1; 9.2; Q306A; Q306B; Q306C; Q314
 Stability and Flow of Asphalt (Marshall). AS2891.5 & Q305
 Voids Calculations for Compacted Asphalt. AS2891.8 & Q311
 APD of Filler. AS1141.7
 Voids in Dry Compacted Filler. AS1141.17
 Asphalt Content - Ignition. ASTM D6307-05
 Binder Absorption. Q316
 Binder Drainage. Q310
 Mix Volume Ratio. Q318
 Free Binder Volume. Q321

Concrete Testing Module

 DATA MANAGEMENT MODULE (Concrete). THE BASE MODULE which includes the Project; Sample & Document Registers.
 Consistency of Concrete - Slump Test, Compressive Strength of Concrete. AS 1012 Method 3.1, AS 1012 Method 9
 Consistency of Concrete - Compacting Factor Test. AS 1012 Method 3.2
 Consistency of Concrete - Vebe Test. AS 1012 Method 3.3
 Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete. AS 1012 Method 4.1; Method 4.2; Q452
 Mass Per Unit Volume Of Concrete. AS 1012 Method 5; Method 12.1; Method 12.2
 Flexural Strength of Concrete Specimens. AS 1012 Method 11
 Core Compressive Strength. AS 1012 Method 14
 Determination of Bleeding of Concrete. AS 1012.6
 Setting Time of Concrete, Mortar & Grout. AS 1012.18
 Testing of Mortar
 Indirect Tensile Strength- Brasil or Splitting. AS 1012.10
 Determination of the Drying Shrinkage of Concrete. AS 1012.13
 Determination of Creep of Concrete Cylinders. AS 1012.16
 Determination of the Static Chord Modulus of Elasticity & Poisson's Ratio. AS 1012.17

Testing Extras Modules

 Summaries Module. Places test results into an easy to read summary with statistical analysis of results and graphical presentation
 Bore Logging Module. Presents Bore and Test Pit logs as a professional report. Imports & presents Test results including DCP results
 Particle Size Analysis - Mix Design Tool. Predicts outcome of mixing Grading Samples. Provides Report showing numerical values & graph of mix design. Shows chosen grading envelope.
 Equipment Register Module. Keeps track of all equipment in the laboratory, and will automatically remind you when equipment is due for calibration
 Equipment Calibration Module. Includes Balance calibrations (single point & repeatability) Nuclear Meter Calibrations (standard block) Correlates Oven Moisture Content against other methods
 Invoice Module. An integrated system which keeps track of all tests to be invoiced for any project. Produces a Tax Invoice
 Lot Reporting. Reports Field Densities as Lot Reports: includes Characteristic Value, Degree of Saturation etc
 Custom Particle Size Analysis. Allows customisation to suit any sieve size
 Random Number Generator. Generates random numbers for Lot Testing based on the the number of tests required and the dimentions of the Lot. Produces a report plan with randomally selected test locations shown
 Laboratory Concrete Batching Module. Generates concrete mix design for the Laboratory with facility for admixtures etc.
 Concrete Production Assessment Module. Compiles an assessment using existing data to AS1379 requirements. Produces a report containing all the required statistical information.

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