Frequently Asked Question's

How will Helpa save me time and money?

Great savings in using Helpa are made when you no longer have staff wading through mountains of hand written files and records to locate information. Reports, and even attachments, are instantly retrievable from the database, reproducible and transmittable. No more repetitive data entry.

What if I have a problem using Helpa?

There are inbuilt help files to assist you, plus our helpdesk is online for either email support or 'real-time' assistance using Citrix GoToMeeting software.

Can I use Helpa on a wireless network?

Yes. Helpa can be installed on any computer (provided it has the minimum hardware) and used across any network, including your own wireless network.

Do I have to buy the full version of Helpa?

No. Helpa is sold in modules, so you may purchase as many or as few as you require. You can add to your system at any time by purchasing extra modules, which are added seamlessly to your system automatically.

How are the upgrades distributed?

You will receive an email alerting you that new upgrades have been posted to the website. You can then download the upgrade straight into your program.

I don't like the design of the report forms - can they be changed?

Yes. Helpa uses Excel as its document form interface, enabling you to modify or create any forms in your system, or Boab Systems can do it for you (charges may apply for this service).

How long does it take to receive my Helpa program?

Your program package can be installed and working for you within days of ordering.